What is the meaning of such a machine 50 years ahead, in a reality where our technology is no longer a co-worker in the efforts of creating a loving and healthy home :

: but instead we are living in a questionable, often painful interdependency with each other

We are intra:knit and our work starts out at the domestic knitting machine.

This is a tool that was found in many households in the 70s and 80s, enabling the caretaker of the home to knit clothes for the family, gain knowledge and spread love through material goods. It is not only speaking of a patriarchal past and skills that were sleeping behind protective house walls and often not acknowledged as such, but also about a democratic utopia, where anyone could take the reins on their own production of clothing – zero-waste and individual.


Our work is featuring the domestic knitting machine as a companion.

By manipulation of the tool and staging of its body, we are allowing for a more human persona of the machine, and the viewing audience to gain a more machine understanding of the tool. The knitting machines involved in our projects leave marks, write poems, send notes; sense, feel and communicate. 


Within our work, we consider all of these bodies: the textiled body, the textile-body and the body of the machine; investigating their realtionships both physically and metaphorically

Knitting is an inherently social practice, denoting care and curiosity through a bodily encounter with material and tool or machine.

Knitted fabric is familiar with the human body, like no other textile. Stretching-with, allowing movement, protecting; like a second skin.


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